Private investigation services across the UK & Europe


Rely on the Professionals

At Black Q Investigations in the West Midlands we can provide a wide range of professional specialist investigation services throughout the UK and into Europe. Our team maintain 100% confidentiality with each case they take on and are discreet in searching for the outcome of your investigation. We understand that in some cases the decision to employ a private investigator may have been a difficult one. We can assure you that we are discreet and professional at all times. No matter how big or small the issue is at hand, we will be able to work with you to provide a positive outcome.

Corporate investigations

Corporate Investigators

Our corporate investigators will look into any fraudulent or illegal activities that you believe may be taking place within your company.

Background reports

Background Checks

Whether you are an employer, landlord or individual, our background checks can look into the history of someone to aid in your decision making.


Insurance Fraud

We work with insurance companies who believe that fraudulent or dishonest insurance claims have been made.

Investigating couple

Matrimonial Investigation

If you believe there is infidelity during your relationship or divorce proceedings, we can investigate this for you.

International investigation

International Investigation

Our team can provide investigations across Europe if it is required.

Undercover investigations

Undercover Investigations

Our undercover investigators look into your company or employees to gain information that you may require.

Missing person

Tracing Missing Persons

If you have a customer who has moved or failed to pay debt to you, we can track them down.


Cohabitation Investigations

If you are of the understanding that there may be fraudulent cohabitation, subletting or illegal over occupancy we can investigate this for you.

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